Simple(x) Numerical Data Visualization

This help is provided to familiarize you with the fundamentals of SimplexNumerica. For additional help using SimplexNumerica, review the sample files or visit the SimplexNumerica web site at www.SimplexNumerica.com.

This manual helps you to navigate the user interface. It contains a number of examples which are designed to show some of the facilities available for creating charts/shapes and professional presentations. There is an additional area for the numerical methods available. But, please refer to the internet if you require further details on a particular numerical algorithm. It is assumed that you are familiar with the use of Windows based packages.

Main topics

About SimplexNumerica
About SimplexNumerica and how it differs from similar programs.

Installation and System Requirements
Shows you how to install the program.

Using SimplexNumerica
Get started using SimplexNumerica to create your own evaluation.

SimplexGraphics Framework (Part 1-5)
Learn the basics of SimplexNumerica's graphical framework.

Gallery of Chart Types
Gallery of SimplexNumerica's enhanced charts.

End-user License Agreement
SimplexNumerica is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind...


Pulldownmenu Reference
List of nearly all available menus in SimplexNumerica.

Algorithm in SimplexNumerica
Explanation of SimplexNumerica's enhanced algorithm.

AngelScript Overview
Details on the AngelScript C++ scripting language in SimplexNumerica.

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